Cocktail Music for Robots

an LP Cover Gallery of the Music of the Future (circa 1959)


The Twilight Zone

Columbia CL 1586 or CS 8386 (stereo)

Marty Manning and his Orchestra

side one side two
  1. The Twilight Zone (Manning)
  2. Forbidden Planet (Rose)
  3. The Lost Weekend Theme (Rozsa)
  4. Invitation (Kaper)
  5. You Stepped Out of a Dream (Kahn-Brown)
  6. The Unknown (Manning)
  1. Far Away Places(Whitney-Kramer)
  2. Spellbound Concerto (Rozsa)
  3. The Sorcerer's Apprentice (Dukas)
  4. The Moon Is Low (Freed-Brown)
  5. NIght On Bald Mountain (Moussorgsky)
  6. Shangri-La (Malneck-Maxwell)

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