Cocktail Music for Robots

an LP Cover Gallery of the Music of the Future (circa 1959)



Decca DL 4421

Robert Maxwell, his Harp and Orchestra

side one side two
  1. Bewitched (Rogers-Hart)
  2. Strange Music(Wright-Forrest)
  3. Poinciana (Simon-Liso-Bernier)
  4. That Old Black Magic (Arlen-Mercer)
  5. Nature Boy (Ahbez)
  6. Shangri-La (Malneck-Maxwell)
  1. The Breeze and I (Lecuona-Stillman)
  2. The Sounds of Summer (Perito-Uhl)
  3. Old Devil Moon (Harburg-Lane)
  4. Magic Is the Moonlight (Grever-Pasquale)
  5. Tears (Maxwell)
  6. It's Magic (Styne-Cahn)

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