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New York City offers a select array of sanctuaries for those indulging in the lush life mindset. Ambiance is key. Mood inspiring decor, quality cocktails, and most crucial, wonderful music, are the elements cherished.

Swanky Don's schedule at Pageant is in flux. We haven't seen him there on a Thursday for a while, but the management claims that year 2000 will see two or even three nights of Don's smooth sounds per week! We will keep you posted. 

jf - 4 January, 2000

Special announcement: Ursula 1000 will appear at the Mondo 107 party this Wednesday, 5 January, standing in for DJ Lucien. Mondo 107 is held at One World Trade Center; 107th Floor; 212-524-7000. Doors open at 9:00 p.m.

For more information, WWW.URSULA1000.COM.

jf - 2 January, 2000

This Thursday, 30 December,  marks the fourth night of Kinky Beat, DJ Ursula 1000's new party at Drinkland. Besides being a master DJ, "Ursula" is a recording artist for the prestigious Eighteenth Street Lounge label, home of Thievery Corporation. If you are lucky, you will catch him spinning some of his own vinyl.

The drinks are good and reasonably priced. The lights are way low. The music is break beat with a loungecore filter. 

The party starts at 10:30 pm. There is no cover. Drinkland is located on 10th Street between Avenue A and Avenue B (near Avenue B).

Check out WWW.URSULA1000.COM.

jf - 30 December, 1999


Announcing a special In Hi-Fi party at Bar d'O, this Thursday evening, November 18. Jack Fetterman and Scott Springer present a full night of Exotic Cocktail Music. Doors open at 7:00 p.m. and there's no cover. 

Bar d'O is located at the corner of Downing and Bedford Street and can be reached at 627-1580 for more information.

jf - 16 November, 1999


Jonny Sender kicks off his new party, Velveteen, tonight at the Chelsea Hotel Underground! 
It starts at 10:30. The Chelsea Hotel is located at 222 West 23 Street. We will be there to check it out. Contact Serena Bass at 212-225-4646 for more information. 

Velveteen will be a regular Tuesday evening party replacing Jonny's popular Mothra, formerly at the Bowery Bar. 

Ashley Warren has been a regular contributing DJ at the SleazeFactor party, held Monday nights at Sapphire. Ashley is there every two weeks doing the early (9:00 p.m.) slot, so to speak. Look for his special mix of loungecore, down tempo, blaxploitation, and breakbeat, November 9, 23 and so on. 

Sapphire is located at 248 Eldridge Street. Drinks are half price from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. Admission is $5.00 and includes a free drink. I think if you get there before 10:00 you can avoid the cover. For special guest DJ schedules and more information.




hosts:     Irwin Chusid, Michelle Boulé, and Don Brockway
at:          FEZ, 380 Lafayette Street (under TIME Cafe), NYC
date:      Saturday, November 20, 1999 

Early Show:  The Best of Incorrect Music Videos
                      doors: 7:30 / show: 8:00  - admission $10
Late Show:    All-New Material
                      doors: 10:00 / show: 10:30  - admission $12 

  ~~  Special price - admission to both shows: $20  ~~ 

The EARLY SHOW will present a cornucopia of the most popular offerings
from the first four Incorrect Music Video Soirees, including BJ
SNOWDEN, William SHATNER, Metallica Drummer, CECIL DILL and His
Singing Hands, Rev. ALECIA, Christian Pirate Puppets, It's POTTY TIME,
Scopitones, Soundies, and MORE! 

The LATE SHOW will feature ALL-NEW incorrectitude, such as:
   -- The DAVID BOWIE Mime Endurance Test
   -- YOGA for KIDS (with scary barnyard animals)
   -- an original Y2K puppet tribute by CHRIS KLUGE and
          BIANCA BOB featuring music by LUCIA PAMELA
   -- country music "legend" JAMES 'REBEL' O'LEARY
   -- ANTHONY NEWLEY sings the WORST Beatle Song
         1940s cartoon hits new heights in racial profiling!
         the world's smallest human does his sexy "Mahow dance"
   -- a musical selection from one of 1972's BIGGEST Hollywood FLOPS
   -- drinks-thru-the-nose public access incorrectainment from IOWA
and MORE............. 

(Incorrect Video information lifted from a message from Irwin Chusid)

jf - 26 October, 1999


The second Red Hook Halloween Party and Costume Contest will be happening Saturday, October 30th. As with last year, there will be a cash prize for best costume! (Check this listing periodically for the exact time of the contest.) 

DJ Franc O and myself  (Jack Fetterman, In Hi-Fi) will provide the music. Anita (the Meat Mistress) Serwacki will be projecting film collage. Performance artist, Amy Shapiro will be stalking around and giving a show. Manuela (last week's New York Time Out cover girl) and her go-go stripping sisters will be entertaining from their dance platforms, and it's all free! Beer is provided by the Brooklyn Brewery. 

The address is 55 Ferris Street in Redhook, Brooklyn. The time is 9:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.  Shuttle buses will be provided every half hour from the southeast corner of Spring and Crosby streets in Soho. Refer to the map below for more information. 


jf - 16 October, 1999

Okay, it's not a New York City based club event, but it is the music we seek, and it's available over the Internet. Check out the latest and potentially best, new Internet broadcasting concept, Luxuria

jf - 16 October, 1999


Penelope Tuesdae has at least two new parties. One is called "Snack-Pack" and is held at Pageant on Friday nights. The other is at Flamingo East on Saturdays. More information to follow. 

jf - 12 October, 1999

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Schedule of Weekly Events
Listings and Reviews of Weekly Events
Calendar Format View of Weekly Events..
Omissions of event listings are purely unintentional. Corrections and additions are not only welcome but solicited. Contact Jack Fetterman.  All of the contents of this page can be duplicated and disseminated on the condition that permission is granted and credit to NYC In Hi-Fi is given. Contact us for details. 
Special thanks are due Anita Serwacki for support and diligent research. Thanks are due also to Jonny Perl, Joe Flynn, and Peter Nacken. Thanks also to Joseph Lanza, Brother Cleve, the Millionaire, Ashley Warren, and Lucien Samaha who answer questions endlessly.



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Schedule of Weekly Events


Dial "S" for Swank

Monday  Evenings, 9:00 pm - last call 
No Cover

Belmont Lounge, 117 East 15th Street (between Park Avenue South and Irving Place); 

The DJ starts up around 9:00 and goes to last call. The lounge is located on 15th Street between Union Square and Irving Place. The park is just around the corner and fits in neatly with the vibe. The Belmont is a 15' wide slot that takes you from the street to "the Belmont Garden" (more like a court)  in the back. The doors are open and that cross ventilation breeze is damned refreshing no matter which piece of the slot you decide to land in. The street side is a long bar. 

Swanky Don shares a modest sized den with coffee tables and chairs for patrons mid-way. Between the DJ and the garden is a larger coffee table/seating area facing draped (like drapes made of Fredrick's of Hollywood negligee swatches) booths. You can always choose the outdoor comfort of the garden and let the strains of the hi-fi be your muzak.

Don's style is eclectic. Expect his 101 Strings to be cut with anything from Herbie Hancock's "Rock-it" to the Rolling Stones' "Sympathy for the Devil" - the original versions! 

-jf (updated 30 August, 1998)
-jf (confirmed 11 October, 1999)

Get Sleazy!


Wednesday Evenings, 10:00 - last call 
No Cover

Bar d'O; 29 Bedford Street at the corner of Downing (close to Houston and 6th Avenue); 
212- 627-1580

Now it's Audio plus Video Sleaze! as  DJ Franco mixes his sonic go-go erogenous stingers live with eye ball stroking soft-core clips. Don't quiver. Manuela is still dancing in the flesh! 
-jf (20 November, 1997) 
-jf (confirmed 11 October, 1999)
Mondo 107
Wednesday Evenings, 9:00 - 2:00
No Cover, but expect a wait in line after 11:30

One World Trade Center; 107th Floor; 212-524-7000

This is the party that is finally putting the genre in the limelight it deserves. Sipping, nibbling, and dancing with a view of all of Manhattan, 107 stories into the stratosphere, is about as close to the sublime as one might hope for. 

Your host, DJ Lucien, travels the globe to supplement his solid collection of period vinyl with the latest genre-inspired offerings of contemporary musicians from Europe and Japan. As midnight approaches, the club kids invade. Techno and house dance music creep into the mix. 

-jf (30 August, 1998)
-jf (confirmed 20 January, 1999)

The Stork Club

Schedule is in flux. Call Pageant for current status. 

Pageant Restaurant; 109 East 9th Street (between Third and Fourth Avenues); 212-529-5333

August 27 was, according to Pageant, the official launch party for "The Stork Club," a regular Wednesday night party concept, featuring the music of DJ Swanky Don, with a specific agenda laid down by the restaurant. Don's been given a stylistic slot to fill (heavy on the Rat Pack) and his response is a good one. Rat Pack classics mingle with the '60s eclectic hit parade of calypso, bossa novas, mambos, secret agent, and mexicali fetishism. Then, when you least expect it, he sneaks in 101 Strings, TV and Movie soundtracks, then German language covers of American pop hits. . The room is great! Climb stairs from the restaurant to a windowless "lodge style attic bar" stolen from that Twin Peaks hotel, and rejoice that the music is NOT Julee Cruise. The bartenders are knowledgeable and open to discussing the preparation of your pricey cocktail.

-jf (28 August, 1997)

This is another long running party worth visiting. 

-jf (confirmed 12 October 1999)

Swanky Don's schedule at Pageant is in flux. We haven't seen him there on a Thursday for a while, but the management claims that year 2000 will see two or even three nights of Don's smooth sounds per week! We will keep you posted. 

-jf (confirmed 4 January 2000)

Tufted Titmouse

Monday Evenings, 8:00 - midnight
No Cover

Global 33; 93 Second Avenue
212-477-8427 (day)
212-477-68754 (evening)

I am just back from my second attempt at experiencing Tufted Titmouse. Again, only Mark was present while I was there (11:30 pm - 1:00 am). This time I could say that "wacky" does apply, but "cocktail," I'm not sure. (My first trip to this show was prefaced by a Global 33 employee describing TT as "wacky cocktail music.") The mix was well crafted. Segueys were sneaky. The bulk of the material was quirky sequenced analog synth bass dance noodling that slipped into the Harmonicats and novelty cuts enough to keep me smiling. A Doobie Brothers disco re-mix was fun. It is well worth checking out as long as the wackiness prevails. I vote for more Easy Listening, of course. 

- jf (9 September, 1997)

Wow! These guys are still going strong with their eclectic mix. I admit to not stopping in since '97, so if anyone would like to add more up to date comments, please e-mail me.

Global 33 is an "international" tapas restaurant and takes resevations.

-jf (confirmed 12 October, 1999)

Vampyros Lesbos Party

Thursday Evenings, 10:30 - last call 

Bar XVI; 16 First Avenue (between 1st and 2nd Streets); 212-260-1549

For those who don't know Bar XVI, here's an alleged history. Franc O claims that it was once a bordello. The downstairs decor is a pimp's Gaudi inspired d.t. vision (little mirror tiles plastered into organic pilasters and vaulted  ceilings) without question! 

I became familiar with the place in  the '80's when a "Persian" friend of mine introduced me to it as a "belly dancing club/restaurant" called Suite 16. You had to ring somebody's  apartment buzzer, pass through a typical crappy east village tenement hallway, then descend into this dazzling twisted cavern via an inconspicuous basement door. Sometime later they must have punched in a new entrance from the street level cappucino/night club/bar called Bar XVI.

The legendary Tynynyny threw some parties there two years back and some featuring the likes of Le Hammond Inferno and the Maxwell Implosion.

Franc O spins his very specific slice of Euro go-go/soundtrack platters, transferred to mini disc, while mixing
his favorite scenes from softcore adult films to the multiple video monitors throughout the two floors.
Manuela, Jaiko Suzuki, and an assortment of guest "artistic dancers"
grind away to an erotic drummer.

-jf (14 December, 1997 10:00)

-jf (confirmed 12 October, 1999)







Dial "S" for Swank 
. SleazeFactor
. Tufted Titmouse


Wednesday   Get Sleazy
. Mondo 107
The Stork Club
Vampyros Lesbos Party
Kinky Beat