The Jim Flora Gallery

LP Cover Art by the Master

Jim Flora is an artist to artists - an inspiration and example informing young artists and graphic designers today. Recognizing the significant yet obscure quality of Flora's work, Irwin Chusid, hero of  overlooked icons (including Juan Garcia Esquivel and Raymond Scott), fixed on exposing the world to the universe according to Flora. 
When Irwin approached In Hi-Fi to collaborate towards this end, the response was delightfully affirmative. Enjoy the work of Jim Flora!

Cocktail Music for Robots LP Cover Gallery

Easy Listening for the Future

When a composer/ arranger/ orchestra leader was asked to produce a body of musical compositions depicting the subject of space travel, it went without saying that he/she were also being called to anticipate the music of the future. This was obviously an unfair request, but one that produced many intriguing propositions. We intend to use this space to explore the myriad of permutations offering to satisfy this question, as presented on vinyl LPs, from the 1950's to the 1970's. In addition to collectible cover scan images, personnel and other data (as available) will be provided, along with Jack Fetterman's impressions of just how worthwhile each of these Outer Space interpretations are, in context of the genre.
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New York City In Hi-Fi

"The Party" (2002

Top Ten lists and schedule for In Hi-Fi 2001

In Hi-Fi at Bar d'O
(the first three years)

New York City In Hi-Fi listed Neo-Easy events in NYC and featured promotion graphics that are worth checking out today if you missed out as they happened. Updating stopped in 1999.

We grooved to Exotica, Now Sound, Bossa Nova, Soundtrack, and Electro Lounge with a backdrop
of mind bending videos at
In Hi-Fi:  presents "The Party"  at Rififi every Thursday back in 2002!

Check out the Top Ten lists for 2001 from In Hi-Fi resident and guest DJs.

In Hi-Fi at Bar d'O began alongside the club night. Featured guest DJs sometimes provided interesting graphics to go along with the theme of their upcoming sets. A complete schedule listing all guest DJs at In Hi-Fi is available for perusal.