Textured popcorn ceilings have already gone out of style many years ago. However, a lot of older houses as well as some newer ones, still have them nowadays. While taking down a ceiling that is textured is not very difficult, it’s actually a messy work that requires special safety precautions and hard work.  

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There are actually two kinds of potential hazard issues, which can turn removing a ceiling that is textured into a do-it-yourself nightmare and these are:  


This is an acoustic texture that is manufactured before the 1980s that might contain asbestos and must be tested prior to the removal process. While it does not pose a serious health risk if it’s left in place, chances are removing a ceiling that contains asbestos can potentially disturb the fibers as well as result of illness. You may want to consider researching for more information about the safe removal of asbestos as it is very important that only a professional should handle that asbestos removal process.  

Painted Ceiling  

Another potential issue, which can make removing a textured popcorn ceiling more difficult is if the paint has already been applied over the texture. As a matter of fact, it prevents that texture from water absorption that is extremely necessary in order to loosen the material. Even though a painted textured ceiling could also be removed, it often requires the application of chemical strippers in order to break down the barrier, which is the paint.  

In order to find out if either of these conditions also applies to your type of ceiling, you can try combining a few drops of your preferred liquid dishwashing soap and warm water in a small sprayer. Lightly spray a small amount of the solution in that particular area that you want to check and wait for a few minutes in order for the solution to be absorbed by the surface. If the liquid will not soak in, then chances are the ceiling has already been painted. Otherwise, if the texture comes off easily, then it wasn’t painted.  

In order to test the texture of a ceiling and check if there is any asbestos, you can use a putty knife and scrape a tiny amount of it into a sealable bag. If you are concerned regarding with the possible dangers involved in taking a sample, you can hire a professional testing service to come out as well as take it for you.  

You can then send the sample to a qualified and approved testing service in order to see if it really contains asbestos. Furthermore, in order to find the right testing service in your location, you can also contact your health office or the Environmental State office. On the other hand, you can also hire a professional popcorn ceiling removal service provider in order to make sure that the job will be done in the most efficient, effective, and timely manner. Aside from that, a professional also has the right tools and equipment needed for the popcorn ceiling removal process, which means you will rest easy knowing that the entire project will be done safely.