If you want to effectively clean your windows, it is a rule of thumb to have the proper tools and equipment that’s needed for this task. Failing to do so would make your window cleaning ineffective at the end of the day. To know more, here are some of the tools you should have upon cleaning your windows

Window cleaning bucket 

This type of bucket is not the same as your regular bucket. Usually, window cleaning buckets are rectangular in shape and shallower, which is perfect for the squeegee and window cleaning sponge to put inside. Make sure that the bucket you’ll choose is sturdy, has a carry handle and a carrying frame, which you can wheel around.  

Window cleaning sponge 

Make sure to use a soft sponge, which could absorb plenty of water and can possibly be pressed out using your bare hands. The perfect sponge contains one soft side to lay on the detergent and water, and a scrubber one side to work on dirt that’s hard to remove. 

Window cleaning squeegee 

A squeegee rubber blade is available in different hardness levels. Harder rubber will last longer, however, it’s more difficult to utilize. Choose a blade that’s within the middle level of hardness, which you can use without any difficulty to help you save much of your time. Make sure to have a lot of spare blades with you since you don’t want to run out of blades while cleaning. 


Most of the window cleaners utilize all types of detergents, like professional window cleaning solution and even household dish detergent. Their selection is usually according to personal preference. Other window cleaners like to use dish detergent while some have made their personal solution of streak-free fluids for window cleaning. Regardless of what detergent you use, guarantee that it works for you and make sure that it can boost your quality and speed.  

Wiping cloths 

Refrain from utilizing old rags to wipe your window’s edges. Guarantee to utilize streak-free, lightweight, and clean cloth for professional and fast cleaning. You’ll need a lot of it, plenty enough to keep on working while others are being laundered. Guarantee to utilize these clots only for your seals and windows.  

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