Jack Fetterman, Anita Serwacki, and Scott Springer


In Hi-Fi 2001:  Soundtracks for Drinking

the second Thursday of every month   no cover

Bar d'O    29 Bedford Street (corner of Downing Street) New York City    212-627-1580

DJ Schedule for In Hi-Fi 2002: Soundtracks for Drinking II


Guest DJs   Top  Ten - 2001

 Thursday, January 11

 Guest DJ: Dennis Kelley

   Jack Fetterman (resident DJ - In Hi-Fi,
       Bombshell!, NYC)

  1 Soulstance  "Act On!" (Schema)
   2  Zero 7  "Simple Things" (Ultimate Dilemna)
   3  Various Artists   "Popshopping 2" (Crippled Dick Hot 
   4  Les Hommes  "The Mood Is Modal" (Schema)
   5  Nicola Conte  "Bossa Perdue"  ESL Music
   6  Various Artists  "IRMA La DOUCE Presents: 5th 
       Anniversary La Douce Party" (IRMA)
   7  Skeewiff  "Miniskirt/Mexican Flyier/The Spider" EP
       (Jalapeno Records)
   8  Don Tiki  "Skinny Dip with Don Tiki!"  (Taboo Records)
   9  Malente  "I Sell Marihuana" EP (Unique Records)
 10  Frank Popp Ensemble "Ride On!"  (Unique Records)

   Anita (the Meat Mistress) Serwacki
        (resident DJ -  In Hi-Fi, Bombshell!, NYC)

    1  Skeewiff "It's All Gone" (Jalapeno)
    2  Various Artists "Dope on Plastic" Vol. 8 (React)
    3  Ursula 1000 "Beatbox Cha Cha" EP (ESL)
    4  Beta Band "Hot Shots II" (Astralwerks)
    5  Blue States "Nothing Changes Under the Sun" (ESL)
    6  Bent "Programmed to Love" (Ministry of Sound)
    7  Wendy & Bonnie "Genesis" reissue (Sundazed)
    8  Mint Royale "On the Ropes" (MCA)
    9  Various Artists "Carry on Kinky Beats" (Lacerba)
  10  Nicola Conte "Bossa Per Due" (ESL)

   Dennis Kelley

  1  Hugo Montenegro  "More Music From The Man From
      U.N.C.L.E." (RCA)
  2  Carol Kaye  "Guitars '65" (www.carolkaye.com)
  3  Luxuriamusic.com  "The Luxuriamusic Sampler" (not 
      commercially released )
  4  Curt Boettcher et al  "Magic Time: The Millenium/
      Ballroom Sessions" (Sundazed)
  5  George Harrison  "All Things Must Pass [remastered]" 
      Gno Records)
  6  Claus Ogerman  "Saxes Mexicanos" (RCA)
  7  Vic Mizzy  "Don't Make Waves" (MGM)
  8  Jack Nitzsche  "The Lonely Surfer" (Warner Brothers)
  9  Dean Martin  "Dean Martin French Style" (Reprise)
10  Gary Usher  "A Symphonic Salute To A Great American 
      Songwriter: Brian Wilson" (Dreamsville)

   Brother Cleve (DJ/x-Combustible Edison)

  1  Balanço - Theme From Cocktail Nova (Schema)
  2  Black Market Audio - Midnight At Gigi's (Supertracks)
  3  Nicola Conte - The In Samba  (Schema)
  4  Fila Brazillia - Nature Boy (Treacle)
  5  Gotan Project - La Revencha del Tango (Ya Basta!)
  6  Les Hommes - Intra Spectro (Schema)
  7  Les Masques [reissue] (Dare-Dare)
  8  Mo' Horizons - Hit The Road, Jack (Stereo Deluxe)
  9  Stereo Action Unlimited - Lovelight (Ya Basta!)
10  Ursula 1000 - Beat Box Cha Cha EP (ESL)

     Ursula 1000 (recording artist - Eighteenth
     Street Lounge, resident DJ - The Apartment, Soho
     Grand Hotel, NYC)

     Top 10 new recordings of 2001

  1  Playgroup-Playgroup (Source)
  2  The Ones-Flawless (A Touch of Class)
  3  Adult-Resuscitation (Ersatz)
  4  Felix Da Housecat-Kittenz and Thee Glitz (City Rockers)
  5  Fischerspooner-No.1 (Gigolo)
  6  Miss Kitten and The Hacker-First Album (Gigolo)
  7  Ugly Duckling-A Little Samba (XL)
  8  I Monster-Daydream (Cercle)
  9  Hairy Diamond-Givin Up (PPQ)
10  Ursula 1000-Beatbox Cha Cha (ESL Music)

      Top 10 vintage recordings of 2001

  1  Gina X Performance-Nice Mover
  2  Telex-Moskow Disko
  3  John Foxx-Plaza
  4  Berlin-The Metro
  5  YMO-Computer Games
  6  Xenon-The Adventure
  7  Japan-Taking Islands in Africa
  8  Grace Jones-I've Seen That Face Before
  9  Landscape-Einstein A Go Go
10  Stacey Q-Big Electronic Beat


    Peter Principle (DJ. tuxedomoon)

  1  Various Artists  "Instro-Hipsters a go-go" (Past Present)
  2  Various Artists  "Hava Narghila" (Dionysus)
  3  Various Artists  "End Titles  ...volume 10" (Easy Tempo)
  4  Piero Umilliani  "Requiem per un Agento Segreto" (GDM 
  5  Ennio Morricone  "4 Mosche di Velluto Grigo/The Four
       Velvet Flies" (Dagored)
  6  Various Artists  "Popshopping 2"  (Crippled Dick Hot 
  7  Various Artists  ""Barry 7's Connectors"  (Hub100)
  8  Various Artists  "Nuggets  Luke Vybert's Selection" 
  9  Various Artists  "The Beat, The Shake and The Lounge
      2" (Optique Cinetique)
10  Nino Nardini  "Jungle Obsession (re-issue)" (Re-joint)

   DJ OTEFSU (aka J.G.Thirlwell/FOETUS)

  1  France Gall - "Poupee de son" (Polydor France)
  2  Mandingo -"Mandingo/Sacrifice","Mandingo/Savage Rite" 
  3  Roy Budd - "Buddism" (Castle)
  4  Lalo Schifrin - "Bullit" soundtrack (rerecorded) (Aleph 
  5  Various Artists -Ultra Chicks Vols 1-6 (bootlegs)
  6  Jerry Goldsmith "In like Flint/Just Like Flint" OST (Varese
  7  Various Artists -Blow Up presents Exclusive Blend Vols 
      3 & 4  (Blow Up)
  8  Nino Rota - "Juliet Of The Spirits"  OST  (Mainstream
  9  Nuggets - Luke Vibert's selection  (Lo Recordings)
10  David Axelrod -"Songs of Experience"/"Songs of 
      Innocence" (Capitol) 


Ashley Warren (DJ, Scamp Records, Astralwerks)

  1  Zero 7 - "S/T" EP
  2  St. Germain - "Rose Rouge" 12"
  3  G Club - "Guitarra G" 12"
  4  Jakatta - "American Dream"
  5  Groove Armada - "Goodbye Country Hello Night Club" 
  6  Marcos Valle - "Escape"
  7  Avalanches - "Since I Left You" 12"
  8  David Holmes - "Ocean's 11" OST -  CD
  9  Basement Jaxx - "Jus One Kiss" (Isley Brothers bootleg 
      mix) 12"
10  Royksopp- Eple 12"

   Chuck Kelley (DJ/co-founder 

  1  David Axelrod - "David Axelrod" (Mo Wax)
  2  Ramsey Lewis  "Mother Nature's Son." (Cadet)
  3  Various Artists - "Successi di Primavera."  (RCA Italiano)
  4  Russ Garcia.- "Fantastica - Music from Outer Space"
  5  Frank Barber "Deep Percussion" Polydor 
  6  Stu Phillips - "Follow Me" Soundtrack  (Universal City
  7  Various Artists - "The Bossa Nova Exciting Jazz Samba 
      Rhythms Vol. 1"  (Rare Groove) 
  8  Stanley Myers - "No Way To Treat A Lady" 
      Soundtrack (Dot Records)
  9  Lalo Schifrin - "There's A Whole Lalo Schfrin Goin On."
      ( Dot Records)
10  Georgio (Moroder) -  "Son of My Father" (Dunhill 

   DJ Jimmy Botticelli (25 year veteran of 
       College Radio Ego Addiction, Scar-Carrying member of
       the Mobile DJ Society, Author of the yet to be published 
       "Tales from the VFW Hall: A Mobile DJ's Guide to 
       Handling Drunk Revelers Who Think They Are DJs", 
       Honorary Citizen of  NYC)

10  L.A. Boppers - "La La Means I Love You" (Mercury 45) 
        A bouncy 2-step version recorded in 1981 gives the song a new 
          and attractive lease on life. The Boppers lilt along with  their 
          irresistible harmonies.
  9  Jimmy McGriff - "Soul Sugar" (Capitol LP)
       Organ Groove is a passion and this is the pinacle. Released just 
          before his spectacular early 70's Groove Merchant material... A 
          blueprint for things to  come.
  8  Iceberg Slim - "Reflections" (Re-Issue Bootleg LP)
       To file next to your Last Poets and Hustlers'  Convention 
           collections. Iceberg gives an early 7T's icy stare at ghetto reality
           in this spoken word  slice of brilliance backed by the groovy Red
           Halloway Quartet.
  7  Frank Popp Ensemble - "Ride On!" (Unique (2)LP)
        A smorgasboard of pop sytlings from this newly minted Unique
           Records  client. This label has difficulty doing wrong.
  6  Boys From Brazil - "Bom Bom Be (Los Chicharrons 
      Mix)"  (Yo Basta! 12")
        Two nuevo-latino-oriented breakbeat and samplitudinous
           talents team together to toss off this tempo-driven dancefloor 
  5  George Russell/Sabu Martinez - "Cubano Be Cubano
      Bop"  (Mo' Smog 12")
        The idea of taking a be bopper from 1947, sampling its hook, and
            using the live intro, and THEN adding phat beatz and bass for 
            today's dancefloors is sheer Artistry In BeBop circa 2001! 
  4   Red & The Eyerights - "Homegrown Pt. 1"   (Memphix 
        American mystery record. Breakbeat vs live...which is it? Try 
            some today!
  5  Guy Pedersen "Les Copains de la Basse"  45 Blow Up
        Words don't work on this one. Has to be heard....Trust me
  4  Various Artists - "New Testament of Funk 2001" 
      (Unique (2)LP)
        For three tracks: Malente's "Its Gonna Blow Ya Mindz", Tino's "I 
           Like It  Mambo" and Luke Vibert & BJ Cole's "Swing 
           Lite-Alright" Fits my theory that every great song is worth $5
  3  Zero db - "Click" b/w "The Snare" (Floz 12")
        Each side utilizes samples from Gil Scott Heron's "H20-Gate 
           Blues" from the "Winter In America" LP of 1974. For that alone it
           makes the Top-Ten 
  2  Whitfield Brothers - "Chokin'"bw "Rampage"   (Soul Fire
        Modern Organ Groove designed to make you move. Try sitting 
           still while this 10" 45 with a big hole (!) spins on your 1200's
  1  Chaquito - "Magic" (Philips LP  I finally found this baby! 
          From the first note of "Un Otra Vez" to the last note of "Amiga" 
           this is Groovy London Latin record is arranged conducted  by 
          John Gregory.

   DJ Psychedelicado (Jonny Perl, creator 
      of  www.musicaltaste.com)

  1  Jorge Ben - "Sacundin Ben Samba"  (Philips Brazil 
  2  Various Artists  - "The Mad Mad World of 
      Soundtracks Volume 2"  (Universal Germany) 
  3  Margo Guryan  "Take a Picture"  (Franklin Castle re-issue)
  4  Howard Roberts - "Jaunty-Jolly!/Guilty"(Euphoria/EMI 
      Capitol Special markets re-issue) 
  5  Bill Doggett  "wow!"  (Verve re-issue) 
  6  Roy Budd "Buddism" (Sanctuary compilation) 
  7  Marcos Valle  "The Essential Marcos Valle volume 2" 
      (Mr Bongo compilation) 
  8  Gary Usher - "Add Some Music To Your Day (a 1970 
      symphonic tribute to Brian Wilson" (Poptones 
  9   Elis Regina - "Elis Regina in London"  (Philips Brazil
10  Ramsey Lewis - "Mother Nature's Son"  (Cadet) 

    plus special guest DJ:
  Becky Ebenkamp
   Becky Ebenkamp  (contributing writer -       
      "Bubblegum Music Is The Naked Truth") 

 1  Various Artists - "The Royal Tenenbaums" (Hollywood)
         Obeying the Rushmore template, this soundtrack is an eclectic 
         mix of pop nuggets tied together by Mark Mothersbaugh's sweet
         score. Any disc that can make The Ramones, Emit Rhodes and 
         "Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard" sound as if they belong
          together is a rare gem.
 2   It's My Party! - "Can I Get to Know You Better?"
         Bona fide teenage girls--including a set of twins a la the 
         Shangri-Las--harmonizing their way thru right-on recordings of 
         girl group classics penned by the likes of Goffen/King, 
         Barry/Greenwich and Brian Wilson. This could suck really hard; 
         it doesn't.
 3  The Powerpuff Girls - "The City of Soundsville" (Rhino)
          Electronica odes to the cartoon's various villains, one of whom is 
          a very, very naughty chimp.
 4  Weezer - The "Green" Album  (Geffen)
          I wanted to get at least one recording by an indiepop band on 
          my list, and the Strokes, refreshing as they are in the current 
          boy band wasteland--are a tad overrated. Since the group 
          happened to be recording at the Capitol Records building in LA 
          when I visited this week, Weezer were top of mind. Swaying point: 
          They put a monkey in their video.
 5   Langley Schools Music Project - "Innocence and 
      Despair" (Bar None)
          Progressive music teacher leads Canadian kid chorus in 
          renditions of recordings by Brian Wilson, Paul McCartney and the
          Carpenters. Stunning, in a good way.
 6   Various Artists - "Nuggets II: Original Artyfacts from the 
      British Empire and Beyond" (Rhino)
          Keith Richards supposedly said the essential ingredients for a 
          good  rock band are "three chords and five assholes." Many of
          the snot-punk Euro beat bands comprising this box set whipped 
          out their "Satisfaction"-worthy one-hit wonders one asshole shy.
          So there. Also, I hear they're big in Europe.
 7  Various Artists - "Classic Country: 1950-1974" Box Set
      (WEA/Time Life)
          Fans of real country (Hank, George, Buck) and enemies of new 
          country (Billy Ray, Travis, Garth) will like this essential
          eight-CD series, which signs off around the time Urban Cowboy 
          wrecked Western music forever. Ordered right off the TV and
 8  Cattanooga Cats - "Cattanooga Cats" (Hanna-Barbera
          New to me after a friend burned it on CD -- this long out-of-print 
          record showcases the best of bubblegum music: Catchy tunes,
          slyly sexual songwriting referencing baby rhymes (by the West 
          Coast Pop Art Experimental Band's Michael Lloyd) and a cartoon
          group front. 
 9  Various Artists - "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" 
     Soundtrack (Lost Highway)
          "The Big Rock Candy Mountain" is a song detailing a virtual 
          hobo fantasyland. Who among us can resist a hobo? The other
          bluegrass numbers--recorded using Depression-era technology 
          for authenticity--are swell, too.
10  The Beatles - "1" (Capitol)
          Hell, why not? No Fab Four fan needs these massive hits 
          together  on one CD, but it's better than most of the commercial 
          crap released in 2001.