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How to Remove Textured “Popcorn” Ceilings from Your Home

Textured popcorn ceilings have already gone out of style many years ago. However, a lot of older houses as well as some newer ones, still have them nowadays. While taking down a ceiling that is textured is not very difficult, it’s actually a messy work that requires special safety precautions and hard work.  

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There are actually two kinds of potential hazard issues, which can turn removing a ceiling that is textured into a do-it-yourself nightmare and these are:  


This is an acoustic texture that is manufactured before the 1980s that might contain asbestos and must be tested prior to the removal process. While it does not pose a serious health risk if it’s left in place, chances are removing a ceiling that contains asbestos can potentially disturb the fibers as well as result of illness. You may want to consider researching for more information about the safe removal of asbestos as it is very important that only a professional should handle that asbestos removal process.  

Painted Ceiling  

Another potential issue, which can make removing a textured popcorn ceiling more difficult is if the paint has already been applied over the texture. As a matter of fact, it prevents that texture from water absorption that is extremely necessary in order to loosen the material. Even though a painted textured ceiling could also be removed, it often requires the application of chemical strippers in order to break down the barrier, which is the paint.  

In order to find out if either of these conditions also applies to your type of ceiling, you can try combining a few drops of your preferred liquid dishwashing soap and warm water in a small sprayer. Lightly spray a small amount of the solution in that particular area that you want to check and wait for a few minutes in order for the solution to be absorbed by the surface. If the liquid will not soak in, then chances are the ceiling has already been painted. Otherwise, if the texture comes off easily, then it wasn’t painted.  

In order to test the texture of a ceiling and check if there is any asbestos, you can use a putty knife and scrape a tiny amount of it into a sealable bag. If you are concerned regarding with the possible dangers involved in taking a sample, you can hire a professional testing service to come out as well as take it for you.  

You can then send the sample to a qualified and approved testing service in order to see if it really contains asbestos. Furthermore, in order to find the right testing service in your location, you can also contact your health office or the Environmental State office. On the other hand, you can also hire a professional popcorn ceiling removal service provider in order to make sure that the job will be done in the most efficient, effective, and timely manner. Aside from that, a professional also has the right tools and equipment needed for the popcorn ceiling removal process, which means you will rest easy knowing that the entire project will be done safely.  

Choosing the Right Dumpster Size

Everybody knows that you’ll have a lot of waste to handle if you have a major demolition or renovation project. Luckily, people nowadays can rent a dumpster to manage waste. However, for those who don’t know, there are various dumpster sizes that you have to choose from. So, how do you know you have chosen the right size for your dumpster rental Reno? Well, we are here to help you. 

Here are a couple of things that you have to consider to choose the ideal dumpster size for your project: 

Different Sizes of the Dumpster 

Rental companies typically measure dumpster in yards. A dumpster can accommodate a single cubic yard of material for every yard in the size. 

  • 40 Yards – This is probably the biggest size of them all. You’ll only have to rent this dumpster if the 30-yard dumpster is not enough. Usually, these dumpsters are for major demolition projects. 
  • 30 Yards – If you think that a 40-yard is simply too big, then this is your ideal option. They’re best for major demolition projects.  
  • 20 Yards – A 20-yard dumpster is usually used for major residential projects. This includes floor removals or roofing replacements. 
  • 15 Yards – This is probably the most commonly used size of dumpster. You will typically see this in apartment properties. 
  • 10 Yards – A 10-yard dumpster is usually used for minor projects, such as a de-cluttering a room. 
  • 5 Yards – A 5-yard dumpster is usually used for small projects such as bathroom renovation or lawn projects. 

Consider the Materials 

Before you choose the right size of the dumpster, you first have to think about the materials that you are going to place inside it. A couple of things are easy to manage and break down. This includes shrubbery and tree branches. However, there are also materials that are heavy and hard. If you want to ensure that the size of the dumpster properly accommodate the things you’ll be throwing, you will have to consider this a lot. Keep in mind that you have to fit the bigger items in the dumpster, especially if you do not have the tools to deconstruct them. 

Furthermore, you have to think about what materials can be serviced by the rental company. Do you have to sort the materials before dumping? Are there any materials that are hard to manage, such as liquids? Are you throwing a couple of hazardous items? If you plan ahead, you can easily choose the dumpster that properly fits your needs. Aside from the size, you also have to consider the purpose. You should also consider recycling as well. You can save a lot of space if you rent another dumpster for recycling. However, you will have to be cautious in sorting the items. You have to sort them before you place them in the dumpster. This will help prevent you from digging through the dumpster later.  

Fortunately, there are a lot of dumpster rental companies out there that can help you with your project. Make sure you hire a reliable and professional company.  

Essential Tools You Need To Clean Your Windows

If you want to effectively clean your windows, it is a rule of thumb to have the proper tools and equipment that’s needed for this task. Failing to do so would make your window cleaning ineffective at the end of the day. To know more, here are some of the tools you should have upon cleaning your windows

Window cleaning bucket 

This type of bucket is not the same as your regular bucket. Usually, window cleaning buckets are rectangular in shape and shallower, which is perfect for the squeegee and window cleaning sponge to put inside. Make sure that the bucket you’ll choose is sturdy, has a carry handle and a carrying frame, which you can wheel around.  

Window cleaning sponge 

Make sure to use a soft sponge, which could absorb plenty of water and can possibly be pressed out using your bare hands. The perfect sponge contains one soft side to lay on the detergent and water, and a scrubber one side to work on dirt that’s hard to remove. 

Window cleaning squeegee 

A squeegee rubber blade is available in different hardness levels. Harder rubber will last longer, however, it’s more difficult to utilize. Choose a blade that’s within the middle level of hardness, which you can use without any difficulty to help you save much of your time. Make sure to have a lot of spare blades with you since you don’t want to run out of blades while cleaning. 


Most of the window cleaners utilize all types of detergents, like professional window cleaning solution and even household dish detergent. Their selection is usually according to personal preference. Other window cleaners like to use dish detergent while some have made their personal solution of streak-free fluids for window cleaning. Regardless of what detergent you use, guarantee that it works for you and make sure that it can boost your quality and speed.  

Wiping cloths 

Refrain from utilizing old rags to wipe your window’s edges. Guarantee to utilize streak-free, lightweight, and clean cloth for professional and fast cleaning. You’ll need a lot of it, plenty enough to keep on working while others are being laundered. Guarantee to utilize these clots only for your seals and windows.  

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Tips to Select the Skilled and Trusted Stucco Contractors

Regardless if you want to replace your property’s siding or you want to have your stucco repaired, you need to choose a reliable and skilled stucco contractor. You should take some time to thoroughly look for a stucco contractor. To help you with that, we have listed below some tips for you to bear in mind as you search the best contractor to collaborate with: 


Start with doing proper research. You must not immediately avail of the services of the first contractor you meet. Sure, their services might appear solid and great. However, you must not just end your research there. Researching thoroughly is critical to attaining the operation’s success. You could also make use of any search engine you like and then filter out all the results according to your requirements. 


Go ask your relatives, colleagues, friends, and even neighbors for a recommendation. For you to gain references, you can post about what you’re looking for on your social media accounts or you can also directly do it and ask them out personally. The recommendations you get will provide you a legit report in terms of the greatest stucco contractors since those people who recommended a particular company have first-hand experiences with them. Also, if you own a stucco exterior, there’s a high chance that other properties near you also have a stucco façade. This makes your neighbors to be trusted referral sources. 


You cannot control what happens in the future bit you could actually get ready to face the worst things that could happen. Insurance and license are the things that can support you to make you in favor in case of unforeseen events. Because of this, it is really essential to guarantee that the contractors you will be choosing to work with own a valid license that’s state-approved.  

Get estimates and make a comparison 

The majority of stucco contractors offer free bids and quotes. It is your responsibility to acquire estimates from various contractors and compare them to make sure that you’ll be paying the exact amount of the overall stucco job. Quotes usually differ from one company to another. However, if you can observe any prominent variation, you should ask for further explanation about it.  

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Clean Your Stampede Concrete Like A Pro

You probably know already that there are numerous kinds of stamped concrete, which can make your home appear great and more valuable. After all, concrete companies can help you install a stamped concrete patio, pour a concrete driveway, or have your concrete garage floor stained to impress everybody who will visit your home. However, you probably don’t know how to maintain and clean your stamped concretes. In this article, we will discuss different methods of concrete cleaning: 


Sweeping could actually help your stamped concrete to be in tip-top shape. You should know that dead leaves, which have stayed for too long, could possibly stain your stamped concrete Peoria since they organically break down. This causes them to develop chemical reactions that stain your concrete. Such stains can be permanent, which is why it would be better if you consider to clear off your stamped concrete patio by sweeping it. If you can notice any stains on your concrete, contact your local concrete experts right away. 

Pressure washing 

Power washing or pressure washing is a process that utilizes a machine of compressed water that helps remove dirt that developed on a surface. Power washers could be electric powered or gasoline powered and could be rented from a general home improvement store. While you rent a power washer, make sure to buy a detergent intended particularly for concrete.  


Your stamped concrete driveway or patio would definitely display some indications of cracking after being outside for a long time or after an extreme winter. You will need to detect these cracks as sooner as you can since the cracks will begin to get even worse if you neglect it and not treat it as soon as possible. This is because water could get inside the cracks. As they get trapped, they freeze and expands and this could make the cracks even larger. 

If you experience this, you can actually handle this issue yourself and seal it. When days are warm, most of the stamped concrete can be sealed using a commercial concrete sealer. You should never do it once raining. However, it is much suggested and essential to reaching out to an expert in terms of concrete maintenance to guarantee a quality job.  

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4 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Windows Cleaned

Cleaning your windows could be a demanding and time-consuming chore, which makes us neglect it believing that it’s clean enough. However, the last thing you want to have would be a streaky window, which could affect the efficiency of your HVAC system and other underlying effects of a dirty window. If you’re still not convinced, we will provide you 4 reasons why you must consider to have your windows cleaned:  


Regardless if you are operating a business or entertaining visitors, it’s vital to show a professional and clean image of your company or yourself. As a matter of fact, your windows must match your property’s overall design for you to impress your visitors. If you have dirty windows, it might make your visitors question your living area’s hygiene. A similar concept could be considered in business, as well. If your company is dirty, would it attract prospect business partners to do business with you? Most likely, they won’t. 

No replacements needed 

Adding or replacing fresh pieces of glass to a home is an expensive job that could be prevented easily. You just need to have your windows cleaned by experts on a regular basis. With this, you do not need to replace them at all. Professionally treated and cleaned windows would always look as if it’s new and it also helps your home to be cast with the best light as possible. It is always recommended to not invest in having new windows, instead, you can spend your money in window cleaning to prolong its life. 

Energy efficiency 

If you’re within an area that experiences the lengthy winter season, it’s vital to not only get high-quality windows but you must have clean windows as well. Clean windows won’t only give you an appealing home but it will also serve as an additional protection layer against the cold since clean windows tend to be more successful at keeping out the cold air and acquiring heat and light from the sun, which helps reduce your electricity consumption. 

You get a greater view 

If your place enables you to experience all types of season, it would be best to have a clean window to have a better view of your surroundings. To watch outside as it changes all over the seasons would be worth cleaning your windows.  

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