When Should You Consider Repairing Stucco Cracks in Your Walls?

It is quite common to have stucco cracks. Anyone that owns stucco walls will usually tell you that have cracks in their stucco walls appear to be normal for them. Once you have stucco, you should be able to know how the cracks form and when is the best time to have them repaired. Check out the guide below what causes them, when you need stucco repair, and how to repair them: 

Different kinds of stucco cracks 

There are many kinds of cracks that usually take place in stucco walls. Basically, they happen because of various factors considered and the following will let you know how you can fix stucco cracks. Below are some of the things that you should pay attention to for you to determine the kinds of cracks you have in your stucco walls: 

Foam trim cracks 

Sometimes, the used foam trim on stucco develops some cracks. Once you can observe cracking here, it means that a fiberglass mesh tape was not utilized when they installed the foam trim. Shrinkage and expansion will then result in cracking eventually.  

Hairline cracks 

Hairline cracks are usually extremely thin with about more or less 1/16 of an inch. These types of cracks are the most typical forms of cracks that you will observe. The basically occur due to many various factors. Hairline cracks are most common in new houses while the plaster moves and settles during construction. Sometimes, construction work, shifting foundations, and drying timber will all result in hairline cracks to happen. 

Spider Cracking 

Spider cracks in your stucco is similar to spider webs in appearance, hence the name. Once you have observed this in your stucco, it is an indication that the base coat was not enabled to properly cure. This could be due to the reason that the temperature was not right when it was applied, it dried too fast or there was too much water in the mix. 

Pattern Cracking 

You might observe cracks that entail a pattern on your walls. It typically displays similar to a grid of vertical and horizontal lines on your stucco. Pattern cracking can occur since there are issues with the manner the lath was set up. Perhaps it wasn’t nailed on properly, which will result in more cracks eventually. 

Diagonal Cracking 

Diagonal cracks are naturally diagonal in shape, hence the name. Usually, they are seen around windows and doors. These occur because of the seismic changes in the foundation, which causes them to shift. Once these cracks appear wider compared to other cracks you have on your stucco wall, it would be best to pay attention to this type of crack first. 

When should you have your stucco cracks repaired? 

If you can observe any cracking in your stucco walls, the perfect time to repair them would simply be as soon as possible. Even if you only observed a tiny crack, it would be a wise idea to take action about it right away. 

Clean Your Stampede Concrete Like A Pro

You probably know already that there are numerous kinds of stamped concrete, which can make your home appear great and more valuable. After all, concrete companies can help you install a stamped concrete patio, pour a concrete driveway, or have your concrete garage floor stained to impress everybody who will visit your home. However, you probably don’t know how to maintain and clean your stamped concretes. In this article, we will discuss different methods of concrete cleaning: 


Sweeping could actually help your stamped concrete to be in tip-top shape. You should know that dead leaves, which have stayed for too long, could possibly stain your stamped concrete since they organically break down. This causes them to develop chemical reactions that stain your concrete. Such stains can be permanent, which is why it would be better if you consider to clear off your stamped concrete patio by sweeping it. If you can notice any stains on your concrete, contact your local concrete contractors right away. 

Pressure washing 

Power washing or pressure washing is a process that utilizes a machine of compressed water that helps remove dirt that developed on a surface. Power washers could be electric powered or gasoline powered and could be rented from a general home improvement store. While you rent a power washer, make sure to buy a detergent intended particularly for concrete.  


Your stamped concrete driveway or patio would definitely display some indications of cracking after being outside for a long time or after an extreme winter. You will need to detect these cracks as sooner as you can since the cracks will begin to get even worse if you neglect it and not treat it as soon as possible. This is because water could get inside the cracks. As they get trapped, they freeze and expands and this could make the cracks even larger. 

If you experience this, you can actually handle this issue yourself and seal it. When days are warm, most of the stamped concrete can be sealed using a commercial concrete sealer. You should never do it once raining. However, it is much suggested and essential to reaching out to an expert in terms of concrete maintenance to guarantee a quality job.  

Contact Concrete Peoria Today 

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